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Dear Library Patrons,

Tomorrow (Friday, August 26) is my last day as the Torbay Library's Community Access Program Intern. I would like to let everyone know that this means that the webpage will most likely remain as it is, with minimal to no update. Simply because I created it, and it is my baby, I may decide to tweak a few things here and there from home to keep it running smoothly, and not looking too old. Otherwise I'll be chugging through school. So please do not expect anything. Any comments or feedback may still be submitted. However, the messages will be immediately forwarded on to the librarian.

I would also like to thank everyone for their enthusiasm. You made my job much easier.

Thanks in particular go out to the following people:
Ashley – For helping me figure out what I want to do with my life.
Angela – For evening out our supervision ratio.

Scott – For the loaned work soundtrack, and the conversation.
Marcia – For the drinks on hot days.
Jerri – For threatening to take me home when I was sick.

Mark – For entertaining my calls for help while on the highway.

Niki, Aaron, and Trevor – For moral support, technical assistance, and keeping me occupied.

Michael – For your amazing expertise in all areas CAP.

Ian, Catherine, and Noah For making sure I didn't short-circuit.


Allan, April, Chantelle, Erin, Evan, Laura, and Olivia – For being so great, and making the Camps fun for me.

Dianne and Verna – For making me feel like my work had a point.


And last but most certainly not least ...

Deidre – For humoring my nervous questions, and visiting our Camp.

Krista – For adding so much to the Campers' final projects.

Andrew – For picking up after Ashley and I when we had no clue.



Provincial Information and
Library Resources Board

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