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Bill and Leonie Tyas during their visit to our library.

    No, that's not a mis-spelling. There really is a town of Torquay (pronouced Tor-key) in the United Kingdom. In fact, our Torbay was named after the community of Torbay in the U.K.

    Bill and Leonie's visit to Torbay put a lovely end to their two-week stay in Newfoundland. They'd heard horror stories about the weather, but were pleasantly surprised by the sunshine that stayed with them for most of their trip.

    During their visit to our library, Bill and Leonie had a piece of cake (our Summer Reading Club Party was taking place at the time) and took a look at the new Torbay calendars. Leonie decided that they were "beautifully done" and purchased one as a souvenir.

    We wish Bill and Leonie a safe trip home, and thank them for sharing their travels with us.

Think you'd like to see Torquay? Check out the
BBC's Torquay Harbor-Cam!

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