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Your Gully projects are now on the internet! Come take a look here!
New pictures from our 7-9 Typing Camp here!
Hey guys! Good job! You entered your username and password correctly!
Now that you've gotten in, use this page to brush up on the skills we've been
working on at the Camps, or just play around! See you all next Monday!
-- Hannah
PS: Know a great game for Camp? Think you've found something better to
help you type? Click on the "Feedback" button at the bottom of the page, or
send me an e-mail, and I'll check it out. We just might use it!

Camp #1 (E-Mailing)
Hotmail - Check your email accounts! Or send an e-mail to one of the Campers!
  • Me(Hannah) @

  • Angela @

  • 7-9 Campers
  • Evan @

  • Olivia @

  • Allan @

  • Erin @

  • 10-13 Campers
  • April @

  • Chantelle @

  • Laura @

  • MSNwebMessenger - If you've got an e-mail account on Hotmail, Gmail, or a .Net Passport, you can chat on MSN! (Make sure youcheck with your parents first.)

    Camp #2 (Typing)
    TypeMe - This is the game with the falling letters. Try to save them before they hit the ground!
    FowlWords2 - Yep. It's the chicken game. Sometimes the words that you have to type aren't really words ... sorry about that. It's the best free typing game I could find.

    Camp #3 (Searching)

    Snowball Fight - In my personal opinion, the best game on the internet. See if you can get to the
    bonus round!
    Fall Fever - Yes I know that there's hardly ever any leaves in Newfoundland. But that's why this game is

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