One fact about the frog that I like is that it can breathe through its skin. They can drink through their skin too!

Frogs like to eat bugs. Instead of running after them, they have to catch them with their long, long tongues. Their tongues are very sticky, so it's easier. But on the down side, frogs have to be VERY fast to catch those little bugs!

While some frogs aren't always green, some can be red or even blue!

< --- Some frogs look like this. This frog is called the tropical frog ... it has a lot of bright colors. When frogs sit down, they look all bended ... but when they jump, they look really long. Some have big eyes, others little eyes. This frog's eyes happen to be big and orange.

Frogs live mostly in water, for instance ponds or lakes. But sometimes, they can live even in trees! Also, they can live on the ground, or in the ground in moist soil.

-- Laura

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